Day 2. Blessed be the snowman makers.

Winters continus to hold us hostage. Sure the kids like to slide – for about an hour – then it’s back inside to begin arguments for additional ‘screen time’. These hearings continue all day until the judge is exhausted and the case is won.

Some people on The Internets are saying that winter is a creation of Netflix. But the supporting evidence are weak, which means many, many people are taking it to heart. Evidence is so 1990’s.

As for me, I’m up early to draw again today. Later I worry about sliding and walking the dog (who seems much too happy about our current frozen circumstances) and waking to the grocery store. So Winter is actually responsible for a good many steps these days as we live on a hill and our cars are going nowhere until the Great Melt on Monday.

Blessed be the snowman makers for they make something from nothing.




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4 Responses to Day 2. Blessed be the snowman makers.

  1. “Evidence is so 1990’s.” Ha! Your wit ain’t frozen, anyway. Stay the course, lad! : )

  2. Same here. We are barely able to get off our hill over here. It’s all so very exhausting.

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