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“Pick one and get it done.”

This post is about how you get something done. And that does sound silly now that I commit it to the screen. But it’s a big issue. I have three projects right now and they are all fighting it out in … Continue reading

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Greater than its parts.

I read the screenplay of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness last year and it was my favorite thing I read all year. It is a  wonderful screenplay and it made the wait until the movie was released difficult. I saw A Monster … Continue reading

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It starts as a mess.

I’m working away on revisions to a new picture book. Every time I walk down this road I worry I will never solve the problems I’m having with a particular book. That, i’m sorry, but I can’t do it, revoke … Continue reading

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Digital this and digital that…

When I first started working in ‘design’, digital design really didn’t exist. And when I first started doing my illustration work on the computer most art directors and editors didn’t want to see ‘computer illustrations’. Things change. I started my … Continue reading

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Insane culture of competitiveness

Having a kid in elementary school is a great reminder of ones age. You think about what school was like when you were a kid and quickly learn how much has changed! And mostly for the better honestly. But one thing … Continue reading

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Digital trip down memory lane

For many years one of my computer back-up plans was to write all my work files to an external hard drive which I then took to a friend’s house. I updated the files every few months so even if my computer … Continue reading

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Blog blogs

My new website has a blogging format and right now I am trying to post to both locations. This blog has always been more personal, more likely to track off the topic of kids books and illustration as a career. The blog … Continue reading

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