It’s making weather

Cold, wet, windy, colder, more rain, getting windier, is that hail? Outdoors in Oregon in December isn’t all that inviting unless your are a well insulated slug or a Alaskan Malamute.

But it’s pretty good weather to encourage me to sit at a desk and work on stuff. Write, draw, drink tea.

True, I miss the sun. The vampires and libertarians run wild this time of year. (See the historical thousand year war between vampires and libertarians in Oregon).

But here I am, getting ready to finish up the roughs on a new book and start scanning and then start the ‘real drawing’. I do all the final illustrations on the computer these days. It’s what people actually see in the finished book. This pile of pencil roughs will be bound for the recycle bin by Friday. And we might get some sun by then too!


Oh and Chicken Story Time comes out tomorrow! Make sure you get your 5 copies ordered.



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