Snow Day!

‘Snow Day’

Anyone who grew up in a climate with ‘real winter’ weather remembers the unbridled excitement that accompanied those two words.

And while there have been plenty of movies and books attempting to take advantage of that cozy-rememberance  I’m not going to talk about a snow day from that POV.


More an Ice Day than  Snow Day actually but our dog loved it.

We are now in our second day of Snow Day and my daughter’s excitement was just as high on this second morning as it was the first. It’s a new Snow Day after all! Anything might happen!

She is overwhelmed with possibilities – video games and hot cocoa and homemade chocolate chip cookies and sledding and friends… a whole day off!

But by the end of Snow Day 1, the reality had settled back. Yes it was an unexpected surprise, an unasked for gift, but in the end it was another day. Chores to do, school reading assignments to be done and a dinner to pick at and complain about.

And it reminded me a bit of working on a book. How wonderful starting it can be. How exciting when there are no walls in site, just unlimited possibilities. But ultimately you will have compromises and headaches and deadlines. Exciting as it is to start and work on, it will have to be completed and reality always seems to get in the way with what you imagine in your head and what makes it to the page.

Soon enough it’s over, the last page painted, the last sentence proof read and then it goes into the world – just another book amongst crowded shelves and limited attention spans. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I get to do but it is a job that is a lot like a Snow Day – no matter how wonderful the surprise -ultimately it is a day that ends after the sun goes to sleep.

But what a grand thing it is while it lasts!


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3 Responses to Snow Day!

  1. jby95 says:

    Snow, Ice?, again next Thursday and Friday! Yippee!

    • mfearing says:

      Yup! Seems like we may have some more snow and ice days in our future! My daughter and dog will be pleased. I will wish for a climate that doesn’t get below 45.

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