What’s wrong with graphic novels…

Actually, nothing is WRONG with them. But I am having a hard time finding new ones that interest me lately.

In the past 10 years there has been a boom of what I call ‘kids lit’ GN’s. This includes not only that one with Wimpy in the title that created a genre but also a lot of coming-of-age ones that are resonating with a large audience. Of course those weren’t the type of GN’s I grew up reading.

My exposure to comics was through alternative comics. When I was 8 or 9 I attended the Comic-Con in Minneapolis and my father had a few comics around when I was young. But other than reading a year of The Hulk and a few years of Batman here and there I was never interested in the mainstream superhero comics.

But I loved the alternative comics which deeply allowed a single artist to express their unique POV. Looking back at my favorite GN’s they 99% books by sole creators.

I have a lot of ideas for new GN’s. In fact I am working on one that will be out in a year or two…depending on how fast I draw it. But it is not a ‘kids lit’ GN.

It’s  a struggle for me to write new material for the new ‘kids lit’ comics because that wasn’t what motivated me to draw my books and they aren’t the stories I most want to tell.

I just ordered a handful of new GN’s and look forward to reading them with my down time in December. Of course that means I need to create the downtime in December which means I better get back to work – instead of writing blog posts – or my deadlines will not be met.




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