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On our watch

The Earth is dying. Of course it will meet a very permanent end in 3 or 4 billion years, but I think it’s beyond argument that humans have proven they are incapable of caring for the planet (much less a country). But my … Continue reading

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It’s called a Book Birthday

Chicken Story Time has been let out of the coop! Buy it, find it, read it, buy a few dozen more copies…same old thing. Available all over the galaxy starting today. I’m pretty sure it’s the best picture book ever … Continue reading

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It’s making weather

Cold, wet, windy, colder, more rain, getting windier, is that hail? Outdoors in Oregon in December isn’t all that inviting unless your are a well insulated slug or a Alaskan Malamute. But it’s pretty good weather to encourage me to sit … Continue reading

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Baby, it’s muddy outside, I really can’t stay…

An old panel cartoon, but so appropriate today.

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Snow Day!

‘Snow Day’ Anyone who grew up in a climate with ‘real winter’ weather remembers the unbridled excitement that accompanied those two words. And while there have been plenty of movies and books attempting to take advantage of that cozy-rememberance  I’m not going to … Continue reading

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December at the library with chickens.

That headline makes sense only if you get yourself a copy of Chicken Story Time written by Sandy Asher and illustrated by me. But don’t take my self serving words about the book! Chicken Story Time, by Sandy Asher, Mark … Continue reading

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How many people read novels

Deliberately living (well, working) in the world of picture books you can usually bet on at least someone reading your book. At 600 to 800 words it actually takes more time to not read a picture book than pick one … Continue reading

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