Chickens arrive. A photoessay.

Today is as a big day. My copies of Chicken Story Time arrived. Seeing a new book for the first time is always a very exciting day for me… that gives you a good idea about how much excitement I have in my life but anyway…

Here’s a little photoplay on how it all happened.

Once upon a time…

A Knock on the Door (at an odd hour no less).door.jpg

Who could it be? Pulled away from my work which I was trying to avoid anyway.
















What did they send me?


Yup! It’s a real book.


The dedication is right.


It’s even got a back cover so I feel pretty good about it now.


Let the story begin!!!


Maybe artists do look like their art. I’m just a chicken I guess.

Look for Chicken Story Time at fine bookstores all over, and you can also order it online. I always recommend you buy 3 copies – just in case.




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9 Responses to Chickens arrive. A photoessay.

  1. Are you touring with this? Like,near Minneapolis? My niece rescues chickens and keeps them in her house (yes, I know), and I’d love to get a signed copy for her 4-year-old son.

  2. Sandy Asher says:

    Delighted to share this little bit of excitement with you, Mark! (Actually, I think it’s a LOT of excitement, whatever that might say about the rest of my life.)

  3. scyeung says:

    How exciting! The book looks splendid. Congratulations!

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