“May you live in interesting times.”

No one ever said this would be easy. The whole of history says it will not be.

And I have no answers and am as interested in how this will work as the next person.

There was no promise that our generation would be free of confusion, strife and missteps. Or that Democracy always produces the best result. Only that we are all responsible for it. And it would be childish to believe that every few steps forward there might not be a step back.

Since the end of WWII which left this country as the sole intact industrial nation we have benefited from a wealth of natural resources and prosperity. That at this moment many feel we are at a low demonstrates not only the romanticized notion of what used to be but also an ungraciousness that borders on sickness.

But rain will fall again tomorrow. Decisions will have to be made and decisions have consequences some of which are not what we plan for or wish.

Perhaps this is a gift – to watch a true Shakespearean drama play out in our time. Personalities displaying their worst and perhaps, in time, their best.

I still trust good science to guide us. I think women are not just merchandise. I believe adults should be free to love who they wish and the country is strongest when people can choose or not, to believe in the God of their choice.

But these are not magical ideals handed down from high. They are fought for and sometimes lost when they are taken for granted.

There is only one way forward and that is the history of mankind. From fear and misunderstanding at lightning to harnessing the power of the atom for good and bad. From slavery and Monarchy to Parliaments and elections. From no rights, to natural rights to equal rights the direction is clear. Along the way we might backslide but still there is only one way forward. You just need to look backwards to see it clearly.

“May you live in interesting times.”


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3 Responses to “May you live in interesting times.”

  1. Hell yes to this. All of this. While my own soul is too sleep-deprived and numbed with shock to actually feel anything akin to optimism right now, I have reassured my kids that this democratic result will be met with another form of democracy in the shape of activism, protest, and resistance to any attempts to legislate that rolls back the hard won progress made over decades. I want to believe that enough people are evolved enough that they do not want to see human, civil and other rights, protections, and freedoms eroded. Right now though I just feel too bleak about everything to truly feel that way but if I keep thinking it then eventually I will also feel it.

    • mfearing says:

      And we find a way to move forward, hoping it will indeed be better. That things will improve. I don’t begrudge anyone voting for Trump, but I fear that voting out of some sense of anger, a sense of futility and not considering that things CAN get worse is shortsighted. But we will see.

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