Thanksgiving Shameless Self Promotion…

SSP (Shameless Self Promotion)…I’m on deadline but hey, here’s a reminder of a book that every American should buy. And maybe they should consider buying 2 copies each. Just in case one gets water damaged or the dog eats it.

The Great Thanksgiving Escape will, once again, be featured at story time in every Barnes & Noble in the USA on November 19th. Now I’m pretty sure that means they will also have copies of it for sale.  (Unless they removed all books other than various versions of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and James Patterson books)

And since one can never be sure if they will have the books in the store you can order from Barnes & Noble online or from some start-up I’ve never heard of called Amazon.

And no, this book isn’t about turkeys trying to get away. Well, I guess it kind of is…



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