Beware the tiger!

October is a spooky month. And not just because one starts thinking about the end of another year and another birthday. I’ll be 26 by the way…

But it’s also a month to raise awareness of the danger of being swallowed by a tiger.


Thus: The Boy Who Was Swallowed By A Tiger is another ebook that is funnier than it is scary, but still, we all know that pen and ink style art ALWAYS means deeply meaningful, scary art.


2 Bucks will get you a copy on Apple’s iBook store.

And I’d like to point out that this is a handcrafted digital book experience the same way Starbucks talks about there ‘hand shaken tea’. How else would one shake a cup of tea? Are we to believe that Starbucks competitors use some sort of machine to ‘shake’ the teas they serve?


Hand made digital book experience. Yeah.



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