Sometimes I don’t paint silly, funny, wacky monsters. Sometimes my old fine art background bites me in the behind and I paint something like this. I really like this painting and would love to print it out at about 6 feet long. The painting is called: Alien.

Happy Halloween!


My favorite painters when I was in school were the expressionists, especially the German Expressionists. Otto Dix, Paul Gosch, George Grosz ETC. I studied printmaking for much of my time in ‘fine arts’ (which explains why I love using line even in my paintings). I only turned to painting after my undergrad degree.

Both of the pieces on this page, which are Halloween appropriate (I think!) were painted digitally. I like the narrative possibilities coupled with the unrestrained view of the human form. I’d like to continue to meld my more commercial work with these interests.



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