Wild Slug!


Greta our dog was showing off her tracking and hunting skills on this morning’s walk and discovered this slug.

A fine example of the dangerous animals we face here in Oregon. Unlike some other Oregon folks I know (Robin in the Wilds I call her) we don’t face a lot of wildlife issues where we live. We’re more likely to encounter a Safeway grocery delivery truck that’s behind schedule and gunning it than a grizzly bear.

Sure there is a pesky raccoon in the backyard some evenings or a lost deer that quickly discovers they made a wrong turn. Normally Greta’s most exciting animal adventures is with a squirrel who takes great joy antagonizing her as he jumps about in a particular pine tree on our walks. And of course the occasional ‘domestic’ mouse or rat.

But the slugs were out this morning. I’m just glad I didn’t run into The Colonel!


And yeah, that’s the cover from a free short iBook on the Apple iBookstore you can download.



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