Yeah!? Well, listen to this!

I’m in the mood to vent today. Between the silliness of having a charter school in West Linn ( where I live, because you know public schools are so bad here…)  or the national political slow motion car accident that is the presidential election, man-oh-man it’s hard to just get to work drawing funny puppies and slightly awkward monsters.

Of course the thing one must realize is that 99% of this is simply about people finding a way to make a living. Whether it’s a conservative pundit whose obvious goal is to entertain and sell books (not to have an actual exchange of political ideas and policies) or people in the charter school system who scare parents into thinking that their kids can’t excel in a public school, most issues boil down to people who need to make a living. Taking advantage of fear is what advertisers and some politicians do best.

BTW if you haven’t heard, people who buy my books are 30 times smarter and happier and their children tend to grow up to run highly profitable pharmaceutical companies… I’m just saying…


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4 Responses to Yeah!? Well, listen to this!

  1. jby95 says:

    OH, no, charter schools? Didja hear Rush Limbaugh tell us we’re being invaded by lesbian farmers in plaid?

    • mfearing says:

      I did read that too…I try and shield my eyes at some point each day so I don’t just shake my head and exhale loudly all day. The charter school thing has bugged me for ever. In some places they make sense. I’m not against them, but in the zip code where this is it’s just ridiculous. And they really go after parent’s fears that somehow their kids won’t be able to handle 9th grade (back in a public school by the way) without this intervention starting in 4th grade. Last I looked all the kids enter 9th grade as 9th graders. But whatever.

      • jby95 says:

        My niece went to an all girls charter school in north Portland. Her final year, 9th or 10th grade she said that the girls were doing drugs in the halls and were fighting, big time fighting. School is what you put into it. Most children are natural learners. They do need supervision to keep them from the bad stuff, but other than that , will learn regardless.

      • mfearing says:

        The school can only be part of the difference and I believe some places may…may have been helped by having a Charter option. But what’s funny here is this is a very stable and what my folks would have called ‘well to do’ community and a charter really isn’t what’s needed. More offensively is that the people behind the charter really push the idea that the public schools are somehow deficient and they offer a better environment because, well, because of magic! I don’t know. But they do a really good job at preying upon parents who are worried that their kids won’t read enough books by 8th grade or something. I have no dog in this fight but I think it’s ugly to make parents worry more than they have to. And the funny thing is they all end up in 9th grade together and I haven’t talked to a single teacher that have said they see a difference in the kids from public and the kids from the charter. So there’s that…

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