The Truth about writing kids lit.

While many Americans have taken time off from work just to watch Fox News and enjoy this election I think we are missing the most important aspect: conspiracy theories going mainstream!

It’s an exciting time to be a creative writer!

So here’s some news like things that I’ve learned about working in Kid’s Lit. Don’t quote me on them, I’m just saying I heard this or read it or it came to me in a dream. Who knows, right?

Winnie the Pooh wasn’t originally about a bear.

The real Willy Wonka was arrested 3 times. He never ran a chocolate factory.

The New York Times best sellers list is chosen by  whichever editor has the most interns named Jen on staff that month.

Picture books stopped being made in 1968.

Dr. Seuss was no Doctor!

Barnes and Noble was considering offering a deal where you get two middle grade fiction books for every Brownie Bar you buy at their cafe. But customers kept declining the books.

Harry Potter was a movie first.

Picture books with dogs on the cover sell 400% better than picture books with cadavers on the cover.

In the 1950’s kids had to read 600 books during an average 5th grade class year. Now they mainly play Minecraft and chew gum.

Book stores used to carry more books than toys.


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7 Responses to The Truth about writing kids lit.

  1. Ha ha ha! Love it. I have to tell you though that all my life I would have reached for the book with the cadaver cover ahead of the dog one.

  2. lorigreer says:

    Funny and kind of a sad commentary! I always love reading your posts.

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