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Focus in multiple dimensions.

Lately a number of people have talked (or technically communicated with me via email…do we all refer to email communications as talking now?) to me about the challenges and difficulties of working from home. It’s important to remember that I … Continue reading

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Three Little Prints

I recently had three requests for prints and one of them was for the book The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot. So I went through 300 back-up DVD’s and CD’s and found the art. I just thought I’d post … Continue reading

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So I want to write a kids book.

I’ve decided to write a book for children, what should it be about, I mean, what kind story and how many swear words can I get away with? As for the swear words, best not have any unless it’s a … Continue reading

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Yeah!? Well, listen to this!

I’m in the mood to vent today. Between the silliness of having a charter school in West Linn ( where I live, because you know public schools are so bad here…)  or the national political slow motion car accident that is the … Continue reading

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Chicken Story Time. It’s a book. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not just for KFC anymore. Wait…that’s a horrible thing to say. The book Chicken Story Time is out in December, which is National Poultry Month AND National Bring a Chicken to … Continue reading

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Whacha watching?

When I draw and paint I often have my trusty iPad on and stream movies and TV shows. Depending on how focused I need to be effects what I watch. If I’m writing I usually just have music on if … Continue reading

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The Truth about writing kids lit.

While many Americans have taken time off from work just to watch Fox News and enjoy this election I think we are missing the most important aspect: conspiracy theories going mainstream! It’s an exciting time to be a creative writer! … Continue reading

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