Between spelling errors and some odd-blogness, this post is being reposted!

As I have discussed on this blog – I am a tea drinker. Worked at a tea import shop in college and it stuck with me. But I am not a good shopper. What I mean is I tend to buy only the things I set out to buy. I need  new socks, I buy them. I want a specific book, I go buy it (unfortunately book buying happens way too often as also bemoaned on this blog). But when I came across these awesome tea cups, I did the thing capitalists love, and I bought them. No regrets.


At first they look like a beautiful traditional teahouse design, but look carefully and your time with your cup of tea just became a lot more interesting/frightening!



Calamityware is the brainchild and wrist child, of designer/illustrator Don Moyer. He has all kinds of calamity inspired wares on the website.  These particular mugs are called the “Things-Could-Be-Worse Mugs”. And indeed, things can always be worse as we are learning this election season.

You can read about Don and his career in design on the website.


When I saw these porcelain tea cups with assorted creatures and their obvious love of detail, I knew they deserved a place with my next cup of Assam. They are so smart and casual and well done. Beautifully designed and wonderfully made. Now if I can just hold out against ordering the plates on the website! 


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3 Responses to Calamity!

  1. Chris Pontius says:

    Go ahead and buy the plates. Resistance is futile.

  2. Anna Cull says:

    These are brilliant. I agree with Chris ~ just go ahead and get the plates already. And then invite us over for tea : )

  3. pinkiebag says:

    Hi. I love the clever design on the cup and would say of course you need to get the plates 😊, Chloe.

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