I am revising. I will revise. I have revised. I am revising.

Working on a new picture book. When I say new, I mean I wrote the original idea for it about 9 years ago. A publisher acquired it last year. I started working on it earlier this year. Now I’m revising art and making final decisions on how this book will work. It’s probably the most complex book artistically I have ever tackled. But it’s fun to work on. Man it’s fun. I have been sick the past few days but still stayed up late trying new things out.

I’m guessing in a week I will have all the final sketches signed off on. I’ve already painted two or three to make sure I know how it will develop from sketch to full color art. This book has a lot of big scenes with forests and busy landscapes. But drawing them traditionally makes them too busy and if it is too design oriented – well – I don’t do that style well. So I will need to problem solve.

Looking forward to sharing samples when the time comes. Until then – revise away!


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