Mad Magazine

Organizing the bookshelves I came across a few of these ‘old things’. This is an excellent copy of Mad from September, 1956.


Now, believe it or not, I am not a huge collector. I have friends who put me to shame. But this means a lot more to me than just a collector item. You’ll notice the black ink (no doubt it is Higgins) on the bottom of the cover. Well, my dad must have spilled ink on it. Of course he is a cartoonist and I find it a great added element to this magazine that he had this at his drawing board at some point just as I have a dozen books around my desk as I am working. He admires Jack Davis and the other Mad cartoonists just like any of us cartoonists.

And here’s one of the awesome interior spreads by Jack Davis.


I know I have issue number one somewhere in a box around here, but I haven’t seen it in years. I almost wonder if it was in bad enough shape that it got tossed? Someday I’ll look for it.

One more thing – on the back cover is the news shop stamp. So we know where it was bought- St. Marie Cigar & News Co in St. Paul.



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2 Responses to Mad Magazine

  1. Kurt says:

    Your father inked a MAD cover! That’s quite a feather in any illustrator’s cap.

  2. mfearing says:

    Ha!! Exactly. That’s ink from an ink bottle that was no doubt on his desk when it happened. I need to doodle on a New Yorker cover so I can say I drew a New Yorker cover too. (well, ON a New Yorker cover)

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