So it starts…

So I have an idea for a great picture book!

Well, I’m not sure it’s a ‘great’ picture book. But I have to believe in it in order to make progress, so ‘great’ it is.

It came to me as a single image and a silly line. Quickly the image expanded and I saw some characters standing near the main character who seemed to be involved somehow. Then I just left it alone. I tried not to think about it too directly. I kept the idea in my peripheral vision.

Most of the time I don’t jump right into writing a story. I wait a few days after the inspiration and during that time when I have some spare brain cycles, I very lazily let the image expand out in both directions. Now I had some siblings, that explains who those characters beside my main character were. I don’t want to kill the inspiration by looking too directly at it. If I study it too closely it will fall apart, because of course it’s just bits of wispy, silly ideas and bringing too much logic or unleashing the critic inside my mind on it would surely kill it.

Yet, I have to move forward or the inspiration will melt away like a dream does after a few seconds of lucidity.

This is a typical dilemma for me. I’m not saying this is a good way to write stories. I would like to imagine that the process was much less inspiration based honestly. When you turn  art into a commercial art, one has to have some control over how you create work. Leaving it all to inspiration is just too unruly for me. I am a Minnesotan after all.

So sometime in the near future I will dive into this story and see what develops. I’ll start doing the difficult part – trying to make those random little inspirations develop into something that others will want to read.


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