Been a bad day with autocorrect…

It’s Ben one of those days. I often peruse the days emails in the evening to make sure everything that I think was taken care of is actually taken care of. But tonight I see very odd words in my witty, but quickly written emails. Did I really write “I’m a bad ager colorist.”? What did I mean to write? After a bit I remember, “I am a bad watercolorist.”

Autocorrect played havoc on my quick and witty emails all day. I spent a considerable amount of my evening writing emails back to people to correct the otherwise awkward and confusing autocorrects.

For some reason a great number of autocorrects turn my words into ‘anger’, ‘slack’ and ‘dampen’.

So if you correspond with me and you come to a word that makes no sense, but is correctly spelled, my apologies. I was never a ver hoo typist.





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4 Responses to Been a bad day with autocorrect…

  1. Kurt says:

    Whew. I didn’t want to reveal my ignorance by asking what an ager colorist is– I assumed it was something technical.

  2. Haha… this happens to me all the time. Autocorrect doesn’t want me to have friends, preferring them to be fiends or simply fried.

  3. You should try writing about gardening using Botanical Latin. I try to re-read everything before I post. Don’t really want to turn it off as I like it for somethings. But I am really sick of writing about little bulbs called Muscari and having it correct it to “mascara”.

    • mfearing says:

      I imagine that with any scientific writing it is a mess. I sent some texts yesterday that were mostly illegible beach of word changes. I need to be much more careful with texting!

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