A man, his two cats and a rocky beach


A man, his two cats and a rocky beach.

I’d love a print of this that’s like 10 feet long.  Of course, where would I put it?

I’ve done 2 dozen of these Oregon Coast images now. Why? That’s a good question. Because I enjoyed doing them? Because I’m trying to avoid revising a manuscript? because it’s something without a deadline? All of these things plus “Why Not?”.



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7 Responses to A man, his two cats and a rocky beach

  1. I am not sure he looks all that comfy on that rocky beach and the reclining cat looks disgruntled. 😀

  2. mfearing says:

    Exactly. I think he was looking for a sandy beach but made due. And who would bring their cats to a beach?!

  3. LOL… for whatever reason, it’s just plain awesome! Those expressions are hilarious! You’ve captured a complete story in a single image! 😃

    • mfearing says:

      Thank you Charlie! My first love is definitely narrative. Unlike so many of the awesome illustrators you showcase and your own work, I always look to create a story with my drawings. Sometimes I don’t even know exactly what that story is, but I recognize the pieces when they fall into place.

      • I love that! I’m hoping to put the story in the illustration one day. Your work is inspiring!

      • mfearing says:

        Thank you. I still enjoy doodling but almost all my work is tied to a narrative now days. I’ve talked with other people who do what I do, and it’s almost like a sickness. I just think in stories with all my work. It’s kind of odd…I really love the bits and pieces of things you choose to focus on. There is something very soothing about that.

      • Thanks! I never know what will pop into my head or out of my hand though each day. It’s just my steam of consciousness. 😊Hehe

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