Sometimes doing too much is a good thing.

Jumping between 4 projects right now. It’s actually been fun. One is a picture book that I am desperately trying to make work. It’s a new manuscript that I am putting in book dummy form to see how it works. It’s a weird book that involves different art styles and the character sometimes directly addresses the reader. I’m still not sure it works 100%. I wish I could say that the book just falls from my fingers onto  page, but the truth is it’s all bumps and dead ends and unexpected stops. But I feel pretty good about it right now.

When that’s not working I jump back to a new story for this blog that I will post soon. It’s about slugs. And it’s illustrated.

When I need a break from that I work on a new short story I am writing for Hollywood Dementia. This is pure prose for an adult audience and lets me exercise a different part of my brain.

And when I am at a good stopping point with the short story (they can take several weeks to finish) I have another graphic novel I am drawing and another one I am revising with my agents suggestions.

And starting tomorrow I will be painting final art on a new picture book for Candlewick based on a story I wrote.

The sunny skies here in Oregon have kept me in good spirits and the projects are all moving forward if but in tiny steps.

And writing blog posts. Oh yeah. That I haven’t been so good at lately.


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