Superhero Instruction Manual


I finally updated my website with my newest book, coming out next month. Make sure you get your order in for 10 or 20 copies. 

This leads to the existential crisis of – what to do with my website? It seems like only 4 years ago I paid to have a wonderful new design for it, and you know, it was 4 years ago. And it was a fine design, but it is a lot of work to maintain. So I’m starting to think about what comes next.The website conundrum. To do or not to do. Replace or update? Just use Instagram and Twitter?

I’d like an easier to maintain site where I can upload material without so much effort in coding and resizing graphics. But I also want control over how it looks and I want to ‘own’ the materials so I don’t want everything posted on Facebook.

Something more to think about…


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