Fun…in a way…


I’m currently putting together a dummy for a new picture book I wrote. I have a manuscript that my agent is pretty happy with, but in order to revise it I really need to see it on pages and not just as a manuscript. This story also involves some particular art changes in the styles, I need to figure that out for it to work. So I have three dozen pages of scribbles and cross-outs and revisions…and random doodles from when I am thinking – it’s actually a huge mess to look at.

Next up, I scan them in and start putting into a layout on Photoshop pages, then import them into InDesign and see how I like it.

It’s a klutzy and seemingly complicated method to make a picture book I think. But Overall I like it. But it isn’t always ‘fun’. A most overused word in regards to making art of any kind. I mean…well, it is fun – but not FUN! It’s frustrating and forces me to rethink and rework concepts and ideas constantly. Ideas that seem so grand in my mind fall apart on the page. Things that I thought very original and funny are just too odd or I need more revisions for them to make sense. It’s not fun like, “I’m going to draw whatever I want!” fun.

I hope to have the rough done in a week or so, but right now I am going really slow on it. But with the beautiful weather here in Oregon right now, I can’t blame myself. The garden is calling and my dog wants extra sunny walks. Fun happens outside too.


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7 Responses to Fun…in a way…

  1. Robin Koontz says:

    “You are so lucky that you get to sit around and draw all day.” Sound familiar? Argh! It’s only fun when it’s done.

  2. mfearing says:

    Sooo lucky! Well, it is awesome to work from home most of the time. But the fact that if you don’t sell a book you might not buy groceries is a little intimidating at times…

  3. lorigreer says:

    I love your blog. It is so fun!!

  4. Great post! I get a lot of insights from your post. Also, I enjoyed reading about how you wrote earthlings. Now that I attempted to draw a story on panels, I realized a lot of my shortcomings from your post. I have a completely messed up process from technological point of view, probably because I don’t know any better. I sketch each separate image first, either on paper, or now in Adobe Sketch on my iPad, then erase all the messy lines, clean up, and try to keep a clean line. But still it is not Marvel”s coloring…. It’s a drawing. Then color it, without formal inking process, also in Asobe Sketch, then save it as an image, and paste in the panel template from Comic Book app. There, I see how the image works in the frame, crop it or rotate the angle, and add text box. I thought I did ok until I looked into submissions guidelines! They are all separated by the different “jobs” that create a product. I guess I need to stop inventing the wheel and do some study…

    • mfearing says:

      I don’t believe there is a right way, or even an efficient way. There is only a way that works for you. I scan my roughs in and they are VERY rough. I do all of the final lines in Photoshop as I am painting. But I know other illustrators who still do very tight pencils and ‘ink’ them digitally and even some illustrators who still do their entire project traditionally and just have the final art scanned.

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