I hope to be posting again regularly. I’ve been very busy and I don’t always make time for the good ol’ blog. Well – here is some blog worthy news.

Another new book I illustrated just went up on Amazon. Chicken Story Time comes out in December, which is a good season for chicken books.

It’s written by playwright, author, poet (what am I leaving out!?)  Sandy Asher and stars a great number of chickens. About 300 of them in the book. It’s a wonderful young reader picture book, with about 100 words and lots of chickens. I think the chicken-to-word ratio is this book is probably 3 to 1. Which I’d like to  point out is much, MUCH higher than in Harry Potter. (Make of that what you will, but I’m just saying…)

Here’s a drawing from the book.


OK. That was the cover. Here’s some page art from Chicken Story Time.


And yes, that library DOES look a bit like my local Public Library here in West Linn.

This book a good example of one of the many oddities in publishing. Technically Chicken Story Time is a Spring 2017 book being released in December of 2016. My next book after that is ‘Great, Now We’ve Got Barbarians!’ (written by Jason Carter Eaton) which is technically a Fall 2016 book – which will be out in Spring of 2017. I don’t know either… But you should buy them both, multiple times of course.



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  1. Awesome! Congrats, Mark! Hugs.

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