La Center School Visit

I had a wonderful two days at the K-8 school in La Center Washington. Thanks to Lynn for inviting me up and making all the arrangements and thanks to all the teachers and librarians who helped make it a great visit.

I hope the students enjoyed  the presentations. I heard from a lot of inspired kids who were already busy making their own books, stories and drawings. That’s my favorite part of the school visits.


I got to introduce a super fun NEW book that will be out soon! (These students got to see the final proof and hear about creating the art for Kristy Dempsey’s new picture book!!)


They had an awesome display case with plenty of bad green beans!



This old guy was drawing robots with the help of the students. Wait, that’s me!





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2 Responses to La Center School Visit

  1. It’s so great that you go in and visit schools. My kids actually had a visit from an author-illustrator yesterday and they loved it. They were buzzing about his presentation and were completely inspired. What you do has real meaning for these kids.

    • mfearing says:

      Thanks. I enjoy visiting a few schools every year, but I have to limit the visit or it becomes a whole career in itself! But I do enjoy hearing from the kids, listening to what they are interested in and seeing what they are enjoying reading. I also learn plenty about the newest video games!

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