You have to have hope…

“And here’s what I realized, persistence only develops 
when you believe you can get somewhere because of your efforts.”

I was recently asked how I get the energy to create, revise and keep working on new projects.

I was about to give my regular knee-jerk answer that, I don’t really know another way to get things done. But I suddenly thought about another important aspect.

Unfortunately I am not full of platitudes and feel-good advice. Any progress I have made in my creative pursuits came about mainly because of luck but the second most important quality was persistence.

And here’s what I realized, persistence only develops when you believe you can get somewhere because of your efforts.

I have to believe that each time I create a book, it has the possibility of being a truly great book.

I have ideas about what makes a good book and what doesn’t and these are just subjective feelings. I always prefer the more creative solution even as I have learned that doing that can create insular and awkward work. I don’t like emotions to be too sugary and sweet, but often I go too far in the other direction.

But beyond my personal taste and POV on ‘good art’ the reason I can put the efforts forward is that I hope that my next project will be my best. Delusional? Probably.

But without that belief I wouldn’t have the energy to do it. The Myth of Sisyphus was the first ‘modern/ existential’ essay I read (while in high school). I’m not going to debate all that’s contained in that essay right now (though I am doing a graphic novel/comic book treatment of it) but the task of writing, editing and revising and desiring to sell a manuscript is a task that can seem pointless and overwhelming – unless you have a bit of hope.


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