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Are there comic books in the future?

Here’s an interesting essay from the Publisher of Image Comics about the history of the comic book industry and what the future might look like. Go read it if you are interested in the publishing world of comics. I think … Continue reading

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Political Entertainment

  A book is the right escape for me from the noise and insanity of the current political cycle. When not  a single important issue can be discussed without a barrage of screaming insults, it’s time to find solace elsewhere. I look … Continue reading

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It’s one of those days when I obviously know how I was inspired to write Dilly Dally Daisy. And not just because of my daughter!  I hard a hard time staying focused on any one thing today. Jumping back and forth … Continue reading

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Black and white … and gray.

This was one of the first black & white drawings I ever added to my portfolio. I still like this style, not too cartoony and the line stayed fresh and loose. I’d love to do more black and white work but I … Continue reading

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Pencil and digital

This is another older drawing. It’s a pencil drawing I scanned from my sketchbook (with a little clean-up) and the color is added digitally. BUT the purple color is a scan of a traditional painting I did. Th orange is, … Continue reading

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Collage fun.

I found this while going through old CD archives. I did this piece (a long, long time ago) as a poster for a comedy group in Los Angeles. I think they used it in black and white. I didn’t remember painting … Continue reading

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Writing for fun and not profit.

“The inspiration you feel when you get a great idea and you can’t wait to sit and write – it needs to be strong because it needs to last you through the days, or weeks or years in the wilderness. … Continue reading

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