6,000 year and counting…

An appropriate post to follow up on my questions about ‘reboots’.

Fairytales have been told and retold far longer than we initially believed and have rich implications for the various cultures that were running into one another for thousands of years of pre-historical times.

“Using techniques normally employed by biologists, they studied common links between 275 Indo-European fairy tales from around the world and found some have roots that are far older than previously known, and “long before the emergence of the literary record”.”

“Beauty and the Beast, or The Animal Bride, shows a similar kind of imagining, she added. “It’s making sense of our relationship with the natural world – eliminating the threat. A beast figure marries a woman, and then the stories take different turns; in one she kills him, in one she finds he turns into a man when she kisses him.””

Reminds me of why I loved Comparative Literature so much in college.

BTW here’s an older short ‘fairytale’I wrote.



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