Will computers be writing books in the future?

There’s lots of buzz in the computer world about Artificial Intelligence (often called AGI now) and at least once a month I have a pretty long-winded discussion with friends about this subject.

Big Data and Recurrent Neural Networks are all the buzz these days. I have a particular opinion on all this, but I’ll save that for another post.

I have some friends who are pretty sure computers will shortly be handling all sorts of humanistic tasks because, well, because they have seen it and read it in science fiction. Which, honestly, can be a good harbinger for future technologies, but sometimes science fiction is just fiction.

I have no doubt that ‘Big Data’ and the like are great at helping businesses target people to sell stuff to. And that’s about as intelligent as it will get because recognizing a photo of a chicken does not mean you know what a chicken actually is. But again, that’s a post for another day.

The article  – What Happens when a computer program is taught to write new episodes of Friends? by James Titcomb will let writers sleep soundly knowing that script-writing computers are still a thing of the ‘way-off’ future.




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One Response to Will computers be writing books in the future?

  1. Hilarious article about the AI screenwriter! Wow. Script made no sense!

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