Does it improve critical thinking?

Lumosity. You know the name because they marketed their way into our consciousness. Their ‘products’ help you with everything. Really.

“Lumos Labs deceived consumers by telling them the games in Lumosity would help them perform better at work, get better scores on standardized tests, and stave off the decline of cognitive impairment related to age or disease. It also claimed its games could help with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as well as improving cognitive impairment associated with conditions like stroke, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, ADHD, chemotherapy, and more. ”

Of course it’s NOT that simple to stay sharp and ward off the declines of aging…and finally people who were trained in critical thinking took these liars to task. And that’s what they are. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. They lied to help sell their product. A great American tradition it seems. (And this list doesn’t include cigarette manufacturers!)

But there are plenty of companies making really dumb products that seldom do what they claim. The tech industry is full of basically fly by night folks who have not the most basic notion of quality. If it sells, it’s good. End of story. Happy bank account.

This is the age of internet inspired schuksterism. The 19th century traveling salesmen are back in force with elixirs and tonics for most any problem. And this POV has invaded our thinking in business and relationships and culture so much so that even in politics we have candidates that tell us all problems are easily solved if only “Insert platitude here”…

I know it’s just not fun to say, but life isn’t so easily solved. Happy New Year indeed!

BTW I filed this under Writing Fiction, because that’s what Lumosity did best!


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