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Fiction of Nonfiction

The debate continues concerning the increased emphasis on nonfiction reading in schools. I have to be honest here, you might think because of what I do I am biased towards fiction. And you’d be right that I am biased towards … Continue reading

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A Bigfoot story for 2015.

  Here’s 2015’s online card story. Happy Holidays!  

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A Very Special Mean Green Bean Christmas!

Look carefully on our tree and you will see a Mean Green Bean! Thank you Barb Hagerty for the bean who has found himself  a comfortable new home! Well, at least a pretty one…    

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Longwell Adventure #13!

“It’s massive body spinning like a cyclone. And then it was still as a dinghy on a marshmallow sea.” F.H Longwell Part 13 of the diary of famed explorer F.H. Longwell. Longwell  struggles to come to terms with the possible death of his … Continue reading

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How many days did I paint in 2015?

It’s almost time for that end-of-the-year-thing. When I was a kid a year never seemed to end. In my 20’s a year going by seemed momentous. In my 30’s a wee-bit of dread. And now? The end of the year comes … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays – again.

Another older Bigfoot and Abby card.

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File under silly…

  Above is a headline in the Los Angeles Times…Really? “…COULD…”? “…COULD…”?!?! Yes, please elucidate this ‘Star Wars’ and how it might make money for the studio….Never heard of it.

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