SCBWI webinar

If you scroll through this list of really awesome speakers you’ll see I’m on there. Which, believe it or not, isn’t a mistake.


I was asked to present an approx. 1 hour webinar for SCBWI France. It’s such a great line-up of speakers that I’m pretty intimidated … so I’ve spent a ton of hours working out what I want to say. And I will probably forget most of what I have been rehearsing the night before. Actually I’ll be presenting from a Keynote presentation so I can keep it moving along.

I’ll be talking about my process of making books. I’m looking at how I work on a book when it’s a manuscript I’m hired to draw vs. when I develop and write an original picture book that I also illustrate.

I hope I’ll pass a long some useful information, or at least show people how NOT to do things.



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2 Responses to SCBWI webinar

  1. Kary Lee says:

    For the record, I just ‘attended’ that webinar and it’s clear to me they saved the best for last (ie: you). If you’re looking for a decent review on your performance, well- I’d say you succeeded. I have a better understanding of both what TO do and what NOT to do. And I don’t have to go digital! (no offence, it’s just not my gig) Great job! Thank you for taking the time to share. And by the way, Marla Frazee is and was one of my biggest inspirations as well. I took a class from her at Reed College right there in Portland a few years ago. She is amazing. Thanks again, Kary Lee

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