Short Story

My short story, Fade Out is up at Nikki Finke’s Hollywood Dementia (this is not a kid friendly story). This is a site that has all kinds of great fiction about the town everyone loves to hate even though they wouldn’t mind being a Star someday.

The story is about an actor who one day realizes that they are, literally, fading away.


I write a lot of prose and sometimes stories have a life of their own and they don’t always fit in the kids market. It’s nice to write different types of material and I love short stories.

But there are not a lot of markets for short stories unless you’re already running in the New Yorker regularly. So I’m happy that my story, Fade Out found a home.

It’s a a dark-and-twisted and hopefully funny look at being an actor. It’s not kid friendly, but should resonate with anyone who works in the arts.



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2 Responses to Short Story

  1. I like the warning. Thanks! 🙂 Interesting concept – but staying away until I am an adult 😉

    • mfearing says:

      Well, it’s a little more edgy than kids lit. It’s not horrible, but I feel I need to warn people. I have a really wide array of people who read this blog. Thanks for stopping by here and keep up all the reading!

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