Green Beans: Still angry.


I received this wonderful green bean from Barb Hagerty a teacher-librarian. She made these to support David Larochelle’s book which I illustrated, How Martha Saved Her Family from Green Beans which is one of 20 books nominated as a Washington State Children’s Choice Picture Book.


I’m so happy Barb took the time to write and send me a mean bean. She made quite of few of them to give out.

I’m going to use this as a christmas tree decoration  (I’ll post another photo then!). It’s such a great little design and it looks like it has crocheted and knitted elements.  I take Barb has plenty of interests to keep her busy.

Thanks again Barb for sending it down. It’s always wonderful when a book I worked on gets some extra attention.




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2 Responses to Green Beans: Still angry.

  1. Love this book! Reviewed it recently but haven’t had time to post it on the website. My kids have read the library copy umpteen times and keep bugging me for a copy to keep!

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