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The Statistical Dominance of Dr. Seuss

An interesting article on Priceonomics on the world of selling Kids Lit. And some guy called Dr. Seuss? Was he really a Dr?

From the article:  “Nearly twenty-five years after his death, Dr. Seuss continues to dominate the world of children’s books to an astonishing degree.”

And –

“Perhaps the most amazing aspect of Geisel’s success is its persistence. While most popular children’s books fade after peaking for a number of years, more than twenty years after his death, Geisel’s work remains incredibly popular. In fact, sales appear to be on the rise. In 2013, 4.8 million Geisel books were sold, a 50% increase on the 3.2 million that were sold in 2010.”

And –

“Seuss also benefits from the relative timelessness of children’s literature. While only one of the authors with more than one book in the Barnes and Noble adult fiction bestsellers list is by an author not working today, Harper Lee, the children’s books bestsellers lists are littered with names of artists that haven’t produced new work in decades. Authors like Geisel, Bill Martin, Jr. (Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See), Margaret Wise Brown (Goodnight Moon) and P.D. Eastman (Are You My Mother) still have considerable readership.”

An very interesting article if you want really how few books the rest of us sell! ; >


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