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SCBWI webinar

If you scroll through this list of really awesome speakers you’ll see I’m on there. Which, believe it or not, isn’t a mistake. I was asked to present an approx. 1 hour webinar for SCBWI France. It’s such a great … Continue reading

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Gathered around the TV!

Happy Thanksgiving, from The Great Thanksgiving Escape!   

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It’s that time of year…


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Apple Pencil sketch book.

Two more drawings via Adobe apps and the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. This was done in Adobe Sketch.    The bottom mine was done in Adobe Draw, which is reacts more like a vector drawing program. Both were … Continue reading

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An old painting

This seems like a good time to look back at digital work, considering I’ve been talking about the Apple Pencil lately. This is one of the earliest paintings I did digitally. Drawn and painted in Photoshop. I had written a … Continue reading

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The first Apple Pencil drawings

I spent about an hour on the landscape drawing, maybe 40 minutes on the barbarian-cleaner. I was trying a lot of different techniques that I use with ‘real’ pencil drawings and was able to recreate most of them. It’s still … Continue reading

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Apple Pencils in Oregon

Well, I guess I need to finish the posts I did about my Search for the Apple Pencil. I did get one, finally. Thanks to an early visit to the Washington Square Apple store late last week. And I’m sure … Continue reading

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