Halloween sculptures – The Thing with No Head

There was a comment on my Halloween centerpiece post last week that asked, “Where’s The Thing with No Head?”.

I do have statues of it! I created two statues when I made the animated short, many years ago. The animated short  was created over 3 months and hand drawn and hand painted (1,200 cells I think). So it’s not Pixar and very much a ‘student film’ but it was a blast to make.


The animated short is online, but I didn’t put it there! I guess there’s no harm with it being there so people can see it. It aired on Nicktoons on Halloween one year.


I later revised the story and created an ebook with a more satisfying conclusion.


The statues were made using sculpey clay and had a wire armature. Baked in the oven and painted with arclyric paint. The animated short was done in black and white so I painted the statues to match.


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3 Responses to Halloween sculptures – The Thing with No Head

  1. Sharon Mann says:

    Marvelous art work, and I love you rebook!

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