This is just pointless self promotion!

This is just pointless self promotion! Yup. Yup it is. Well, it’s not pointless. And I do think this is a super fun Hallowen book. And this books needs to get into more peoples hands…it’s still hungry!

A good time of year to read this book!


From a recent Amazon review:

“Hilarious book…i thought it would be too scary for my young kids (ages 3, 5, and 6), but we laugh as we read it out loud and the kids think its hysterical. I will note that they say they think its funny, but the won’t bring it to bed. They tell me they know its made up, but they would prefer to leave it in the living room with my wife and I. I’d recommend this quirky book to others.”


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2 Responses to This is just pointless self promotion!

  1. Robin Koontz says:

    I love that book! And the Amazon reviews are great fun to read. I liked this one as well, “I bought this book for my 2-year-old and we both love it. I’m a little tired of books reminding me to wash my hands and be nice. This was fun and we had a good time reading it. Come to think of it, this book does make you want to wash your hands… I highly recommend this book.”

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