We live in very dancey times.

What if aliens are out there and through some wacky plot device they have only been able to watch kids cable TV channels like Disney and Nickelodeon. Aliens will dismiss the animation as some kind of abstract art but based on the live action shows they will believe that on this planet, dancing breaks out constantly, uncontrollably and for no particular reason.


90% of all episodes of live action shows on Disney and Nick include: going to a dance, planning a dance and then – some more dancing. 90% of all commercials aired on those networks feature kids dancing. Dancing when they eat pop-tarts, dancing to watch TV, dancing to get ready to buy shoes. We live in very dancey times.

I can only imagine how many times ‘CUT to dancing’ appears in those scripts.

If the aliens who watched tens of thousands of hours of ‘kids’ programming ever made the trip to Earth disco balls would drop from their spaceships and they would emerge wearing very bright, cheerful clothes. They would strut out and perform one heck of a dance number to introduce themselves.

Maybe Earth is behind in some technologies compared to our galactic neighbors, but perhaps we lead the galaxy in dancing technology. Maybe our dancing is unique among our galactic neighbors and when they land they will only want to learn more about – “This thing you call – dance.”

Of course if aliens had only been getting CSI episodes – they may decide not to visit us at all.


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