King Tut!

I’m really excited about the theories that there are additional chambers to King Tut’s tomb!


If you haven’t been following the story, several inconsistencies with Tut’s tomb could be explained by the possibility that the space we consider to be his tomb is actually part of a larger tomb that may hold his mother (Nefertiti could have been his mother or step mother).

This larger tomb was walled off to fit Tut into a space that was at least semi-royal when he died suddenly and very young.

There are 2 or 3 other possibilities as to who his mother could be, and perhaps if there are still painting on the walls in the ‘hidden’ tomb we will learn a lot more.

Or they could just be unfinished or abandoned rooms. I’ve wondered if perhaps they are rooms from Tut’s original burial that were damaged in some way (grave robbers, badly timed flooding?) that they simply gave up on and moved Tut into the smaller space. That would be a bummer.

I spent a year or two as an ancient art history major and though I was more focused on ancient Greece, I did spend time studying Egyptian art and history. I loved it.

And if this all proves true, I wonder if we don’t need new lyrics about the famous boy king!


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