Old art…again

This is an old painting that’s no longer in my portfolio. But it was an important piece for me because it’s from a time when I started to really think about color.

Color was not a natural for me. And I had to make up for some bad habits and some lack of learning. It still takes a lot of effort for me to work out color styles for projects. I have learned to learn from others work. I can better breakdown why colors work in a piece or not. And I pay far more attention to my decisions. I’m basically a ‘line guy’ and I’ve slowly gone beyond my comfort zone. I’m still learning. But a lot of it started here.

This was painted in Photoshop, as usual.  One of the reasons I started scanning my line art in and painting in Photoshop was because digital painting let me more easily ‘fix’ my mistakes. I could experiment more and still meet deadlines. Slowly that process turned into me not only painting on the computer, but also doing my drawing on it. It also allowed me to keep a ‘fresh’ line, which if I overworked an inked piece I would often ‘kill’.


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3 Responses to Old art…again

  1. Sharon Mann says:

    Old to you, but new to us. Your creative attention to details is amazing. I love this painting!

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