No more drawing board for me.

Spending long days at the drawing board right now … But it’s not a drawing board anymore. My ‘drawing board’ is on the third floor where my daughter plays on it and draws on it and runs whatever company her and her friends are running.


I spend my days in front of my Mac and a light board where I do my rough drawings.

I miss the drawing board, like I miss summer days when I was 9 years old. But I don’t especially miss pen and ink and white out and stacks of paints. Maybe something is wrong with me?

I transitioned to digital drawing and painting  tools around 2003-2004. When I first attended SCBWI events or talked with art directors everyone said, “We don’t buy digital.” But then something happened. When I showed my portfolio (remember those?!) no one could tell my work was done on the computer. And rather quickly the issue of digital went away.


Early all digital illustrations. 


In 2015 no one cares anymore.

Things change.


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2 Responses to No more drawing board for me.

  1. Kurt says:

    I sold my drawing board last year. It’s good to know that yours might be available should I need one again.

    • mfearing says:

      You were braver than me, or I was just lazy. I kept it around. But I somehow feel bad when I look at it. It’s some kind of guilt trip. Like I think I’m too good for it now. But my daughter seems to like it.

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