3 keys to Kids’ Lit. Success

This is an old post, but it is magically made new because I am posting it again!


The Three Keys to Kids’ Lit. Success!

I imagine you are pretty excited to read this. I mean, THREE KEYS to success! Even I can count that high and I’m an artist.

Ok, here we go…number one…. numero uno…I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s more like 8 Keys to success. So, how about  ‘Eight Keys Kids’ Lit. Success’. That way I have enough room to get to issues like – ‘Make sure you run spell check’.

8 Keys to Kids’ Lit. Success:

1. I was going to start with, ‘Stay focused’. But I keep stopping to check emails and deleted part of the list by accident.

I just realized I have more like 13 Keys. So I could call it something like “The 13 Keys to Fabulous Kids’ Lit.” And that gives me room to include items like ‘Smile more.’

But 13 is a horrible number. Bad luck. I mean many buildings skip that number. It’s not small enough to be catchy and not long enough to sell as a How To Book.

Actually, I keep thinking of more Keys.  So, the title should be, ’23 Magic Steps for Success in Kids Lit.’

You don’t want to deal with 23 KEYS. Keys are heavy, they jingle, they jangle, after awhile you forget what they open or why you have them. They end up collecting dust in the drawer with spare change and nearly empty Tic-Tac containers…but 23 STEPS seems like reasonably good exercise, especially if you are like me and sit in front of a computer for 11 months of the year.

But I can easily break the 23rd step into 4 additional steps…So –

The 27 Steps To Be Successful In Children’s Lit.

1. Name your book Harry Potter.

2…OK. That first one doesn’t really work, as I seem to remember that name being used already in a TV show or a movie. Or a game. Or a theme park. Or on a package of jelly beans.

You know, I’m going to regroup here because the list just keeps getting longer, which is ironic, as number 11 on the list is, ‘Keep things simple’ and number 19 is ‘Keep getting better’ which isn’t very helpful because it’s too broad.

So there you have it. My Three Keys to Kids’ Lit Success (copyright Mark Fearing, 2015) has turned into 27 Steps to Be Successful in Children’s Lit. and even that’s not enough. It keeps getting more complicated, I have at least 130 enumerated now. But I’m on deadline so I need to get back to drawing. But if I can’t break this down to under a hundred steps, I don’t deserve to write step-based or key-based lists at all.

And yes, you could interpret this list as a sideways glance at any How To Succeed list. But I am working on a new post called – ’42 Awkward Lurches to Kids’ Lit. Success’. I think 42 is exactly the right number.


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