So little has really changed…

Here I am at 3 trying to get 3 point perspective correct.

Or not.

That’s me at about 6. Not sure BECAUSE we didn’t have the technology to record dates on pictures back then…Truth is, the date written on the back on the picture has faded out.

And no, I wasn’t a heavy smoker, it was a bubble pipe. I saw a picture of an artist with a pipe and thought that was the key to drawing hands correctly. OBVIOUSLY that wasn’t it because most of the time my drawings of hands still suck.

Now I sit in front of my computer screen and draw till my arm hurts but  I don’t smoke a bubble pipe anymore. It’s Kit Kats and Twix that are slowly killing me.



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8 Responses to So little has really changed…

  1. Sharon Mann says:

    Adorable Mark! You look pretty serious about your art. Make sure you do your squats and jumping jacks on your computer break to burn the Kit Kat calories. (ha)

    • mfearing says:

      Ha! I try and get out walking, but since we lost our last dog to old age in April, I’m more sedimentary than ever. And no way I’m ready for new dogs for a bit. Losing our last two was too difficult. Need some time to recover.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Great pic and memory.

  3. bighair63 says:

    This is a gorgeous picture. A talent from the very start! I do think the pipe adds a little je ne sais quoi!

    • mfearing says:

      Not sure about the level of talent, but I enjoyed spending my time drawing. It’s odd in retrospect to wonder how much of a choice did I have in my career. I spent the majority of my professional life is design, marketing and management jobs. But ultimately here I sit. Not sure we have all that much power over these things!

  4. Kurt says:

    Norman Rockwell stole your look!

    • mfearing says:

      I wonder if it was that Rockwell image that inspired the pipe? I think not. A lot of cartoonists smoked while drawing back then. And I have some recollection of a photo of Picasso with a pipe drawing or painting.

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