Dilly Dallying isn’t all bad.

While my new book is inspired by my daughter and her friend, I too have a tendency to dilly dally. This blog is a fine example. “Hey, I could be revising a manuscript or finishing my illustrations … how ’bout I write something for the blog instead!”


Other things that are prime dilly dally material – gardening (buying plants ETC), cleaning, organizing my studio, looking at books online – BUYING books online, going to coffee shops, going to bookstores – BUYING books at bookstores, grocery store visits and plenty more. I have a theory that 70% of the American Economy now runs because of dilly-dallying.

But I think dilly-dallying isn’t all bad. As a person with a somewhat imaginative mind, dilly-dallying is what makes my world work. Keeping a balance is the tough part. Things still have to get done. But enjoying the ramble through the forest is just a important as getting to the cabin.


How do you dilly dally? What favorite pastimes do you allow yourself to jump into when you have something else that may NEED to be done? What things do you take extra time with even when you don’t need to do them in order to get your projects done?  I’ll share some of my dilly-dallying in the next few weeks. Drawing these will be a great excuse to dilly dally!


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2 Responses to Dilly Dallying isn’t all bad.

  1. Kurt Cyrus says:

    I tell myself that it’s OK to dilly, and it’s OK to dally, but I have to get some work done between the two.

    • mfearing says:

      Exactly! The work in between is important! For me it’s more like the work all night.p that’s most important as during the day get distracted and dilly dally.

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