Self promotion

It’s summer so my blogging is paying the price and that’s alright. But these days one is supposed to never miss an opportunity to ‘engage’ your ‘readers’ or ‘fans’ or just people walking down the sidewalk that you can corner. (Such a Minnesota style snark.)

And this brings us to the topic of self promotion as it applies to kids book authors and illustrators. We all know a few stories on this subject that make our toes curl. This industry is certainly not as bad compared to the world of TV and music. But it seems some people are pushing us there.

And while I understand this is an insane, media saturated world – I’m not convinced that adding to that cacophony is a meaningful goal even while admitting that personal ego gratification is a ‘good high’.

Every published author or illustrator knows that publishers love you to stay busy in the social media. And while I certainly do promote myself on this blog, I had no such expectation that was the point of it when I started it many years ago.

The blog gives me a place to meander. And talk to myself. And yes, occasionally talk about what I am doing and experiencing. But I still feel no desire to be involved 24 hours a day. And I am loathe to publish too much about my life. But I feel guilty feeling this way. Thanks modern world!

I think I’m too old to enjoy telling everyone about my birthday or even announce a new book contract. I think the time to talk about books is when they are coming out, though I know this is not acceptable to many publishers as they want to build knowledge of your work as it progresses. But as my work progresses I’m actually pretty busy with the work. Which is, I think, the way it should be.

Well, summer is here in all it’s vampire killing glory. I thought I moved away from So Cal. We’re hotter here in Oregon than Pasadena for a week!

Happy summer!


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