More out and about with iPad

Some more quick sketches drawn on my iPad. These are based on people I see, BUT I then improvise with them. I push them into characters. Often a face, a pose or a gesture is enough to set off a character idea for me. lift ‘Lift!’ ucsm ‘Have I got a deal for you!’ I often see people who seem to fit a part so perfectly that I create a role of them. Everyday superpowers seemed to fit this guy who seemed the perfect salesmen in an old-timey slightly not trustworthy way. I think I would have loved being a casting agent actually.


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3 Responses to More out and about with iPad

    • mfearing says:

      Thanks! It’s funny how I almost always like my fast sketch work best. Trying to capture that while also working at details and composition and storytelling in a picture book takes all my efforts.

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