Encounter at McMinnville Station.


Join me and plenty of other aliens at Third Street Books in Mcminnville on Saturday the 16th. Come for the signed books, stay for the UFO crazed day!

You see McMinnville Oregon has had plenty of close encounters. You can read all about it on the McMenamins site. For those of you not from Oregon, McMenamins is, well, it’s hard to explain, but in Oregon the brothers McMenamin run all kinds of pubs, restaurants and hotels. They make their own beer, wine and are known for renovating older buildings into very cool multi-use spaces. Like turning an old elementary school into a restaurant, hotel and movie theatre. They are dedicated to local produce and goods and plenty of amazing local art on their walls. Definitely a company that captures the Oregon spirit.

On Saturday the 16th Kurt Cyrus and I will be drawing some aliens and signing books and talking about our favorite alien encounter stories. And then we will sign more books. And I will also draw some robots. I lump robot drawings in with alien drawings.

Officially I’m there to sign copies of Earthling! and The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bd Robot. But unofficially, well, you know. The truth is out there.

Check out my Alien Trading Cards while you are here. And keep your eyes to the sky!



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