iPad sketching

Some more sketches done on my iPad.  These are quick drawings from life. See below for where I often take these quick impressions.


‘Man peeling an orange and man with soda.’


‘Tired of waiting.’


‘Back to back.’

I did a lot of quick sketches while at an event with my daughter. These are from real life but my concern isn’t with exact likeness. My goal is to draw fast, and capture enough of the person that when I look at the drawing a day later I can picture the person. This can be amazingly powerful as I have sketches in sketchbooks I can look at years later and recall an image of the actual person. I’m not about a perfect reproduction of life. Use a camera for that. I’m trying to capture some kind of moment and simplified presence that resonates for me.

Often I will start drawing a person and then take it further. A face, a pose or a gesture is powerful. One man I watched fit perfectly as an oddly older but completely confindent party guy. He wasn’t dressed like this and didn’t have a gold tooth. But I saw a guy who had “Partied from Minsk to Moscow!”


‘I Partied from Minsk to Moscow! Now I sleep.’


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  1. Ahhh what fun!!! Love your style.

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